SQ: Begin With Your Name


Title: 她们的故事
Author: 坛九
Genre: 校园,青春,言情,漫画
Rating: ★★★★★ || 5.0

So here’s my dirty little secret: I can’t read webcomics, especially webcomics that aren’t aggregated all in one place but are interspersed through a personal blog. Here’s another dirty little secret: I detest reading translations for languages I already know. Justifications, justifications, but that’s why it’s taken me this long to read 坛九’s 《她们的故事》, which has been on his personal Weibo account for some time, and which has recently gained some traction through its translation on a Tumblr blog. I could have read it for free, but I can’t read comics online, so, being me, I just bought it on Amazon.cn and waited til I was in Guangzhou again to read it. Which I did. In a single sitting, because it’s that good.

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