Mod N // pronouns: she/her, 她/他/祂

Mod N is 20, asexual (biromantic? we don’t know, we may never know), Chinese American, and an aspiring writer/publisher/fashion designer. She reads for a living and, in her free time, interns at various publishing houses and agencies across the magical marshlands of Manhattan.

Her interests include video games, daydreaming, Chinese dramas, art, journaling, and obviously reading and writing, and her favourite genres are fantasy (literally all kinds, anything, give it all to her, she will suck it all up like No-name in Spirited Away), horror, murder mysteries, wuxia, and historical fiction. She reads a lot of YA because she refuses to grow up.

Mod R // pronouns: she/her

Indian Punjabi Sikh. Bisexual.

Currently living in Australia and studying teaching with a major in history and a minor in English. i have an interest in colonial and post colonial South Asian history and aspire to be a kickass academic whose lectures won’t bore students to death.

I read. A fair amount. And hardly any of can be called ~literary~. I’m a total sucker for romance. Give me a slow burn romance or a hate to love relationship and I will cry over it like a child who’s lost their favourite toy.


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