Mod N // pronouns: she/her, 她/他/祂

Mod N is 20, asexual (biromantic? we don’t know, we may never know), Chinese American, and an aspiring writer/publisher/fashion designer. She reads for a living and, in her free time, interns at various publishing houses and agencies across the magical marshlands of Manhattan.

Her interests include video games, daydreaming, Chinese dramas, art, journaling, and obviously reading and writing, and her favourite genres are fantasy (literally all kinds, anything, give it all to her, she will suck it all up like No-name in Spirited Away), horror, murder mysteries, wuxia, and historical fiction. She reads a lot of YA because she refuses to grow up.

Mod R // pronouns: she/her

Mod R is a 22 year old Indian Australian that happens to be bisexual. She has too many ambitions and not nearly enough time on her hands. She works as an English and History teacher during the day and saves the world during the night.

Her interests include South Asian history, journalling, food, questionable TV shows, writing, and sometimes reading. Her favourite genres are fantasy, science fiction, and romance of the bodice ripper variety that is also socially aware.



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