X-LOVE (2015)

eac4b74543a982262bb309098e82b9014a90ebaaTitle: 爱的未知数
Starring: 吴颖,高靓
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: ★★★★☆ | 4.0 out of 5.0

Short review for an adorable short film!

Is it just me or have I been REALLY into queer Chinese films recently?

X-Love is the story of Cooka and Tina. They have your typical meet-cute. Cooka is an assistant at a modelling agency, and Tina is the ugly duckling who wants to be a model. Taken by her innocence and can-do attitude, Cooka decides to help Tina; she takes the latter to a salon to get a makeover, and takes her shopping to update her style, and viola! Tina is suddenly an in-demand model. But as this is happening, Cooka and Tina become closer and closer friends, until the day that isn’t enough anymore.

Do you remember when I said that I don’t like sad lesbian movies? I rescind that statement for this film because it is sad, but it’s also not. I don’t want to say too much because with the film coming in at 15 minutes, I don’t want to spoil anything, but trust me on this. It’s only fifteen minutes and it’s not a Sad Lesbian Movie. It’s a lesbian movie that has some sadness, but is ultimately hopeful.

Because of its shorter format, the film has to cram a lot of information in fifteen minutes, and while initially I was a little skeptical, and wary, even (having just come off Girls Love), I was really pleasantly surprised. Not just the production values, but the atmosphere, the production design, the big reveal––there’s a Chinese phrase, 良心制造, that I can’t really translate. It more or less means that the production team approached the film with a good attitude, they took their jobs seriously. If the acting was a little amateurish it’s because the actors don’t have any prior experience, but it still came across as heartfelt and tender.

Definitely definitely check this one out. It’s only 15 minutes long, you can find it on Youtube and, most importantly for most of our readers, it’s subbed in English.

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