A Gentleman in the Streets – Alisha Rai


Title: A Gentleman in the Street
Author: Alisha Rai
Genre: Erotica
Rating: ☆ || 4 stars

You can always count on Alisha Rai to write a great erotica with diverse characters and defy the typical conventions of the erotica genre. A Gentleman in the Streets introduces us to Akira Mori, a Japanese bisexual millionaire and Jacob Campbell, a writer that’s taken care of his siblings since their father passed away. The two are complex characters and the story deals with way more than just their relationship and the sex that they have.

Rai presents an alternative to the shitty male millionaires who are abusive partners that have sadly flooded the erotica genre. Akira is the millionaire and one who isn’t shy about her sexuality either. However, it is because of this that she has a strained relationship with her late mother. This plays a major role in the book as well as the development of the relationship between Akira and Jacob. Jacob is the too serious older brother who took on too much responsibility at too young an age. Akira perceives him as too judgemental of her and her ways. Akira presents a challenge to Jacob’s preset ways. I really enjoy that Rai forces Jacob to confront this judgemental part of himself and change in order to move the relationship between him and Akira forward. There were times that I felt that Jacob was blander than mayo on white bread. Akira more than made up for it with her ass kicking and not giving a fuck about anything ways.

Rai also challenges the romance and (sometimes) erotica ideal that the hero and/or heroine can only have sex with one another. Akira has sex with other people and far from punishing her for it in any way Jacob enjoys it and it strengthens the relationship that they have with one another.

The thing that makes romance and erotica what they are is the happy ending and Rai certainly delivers on that front. The ending doesn’t feel too rushed or like it drags on. It leaves the audience with the idea that Akira and Jacob will continue to grow into their relationship, which in my opinion is the best ending possible.

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